Development of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

test facility of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

status of development


Research project

The feasibility study “ecological and economical potential analysis of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass with first practical examination” evaluates scientifically the technology for the first time. The project was founded by the Austrian “Klima- und Energiefond”. For this purpose a true to scale model was built and practical tests were carried out. Also various calculations and analysis were implemented, in order to determine the potential for application of this new technology. The results of the research project are promising. At multiple tests with trouts an upstream and downstream migration was observed under experimental conditions.

test with fishes

operation of the test facility

commisioning of the test facility

Further support for realization of the test facility came from the companies HOBAS and MAX Lochboden, thank you very much!