17.08.2019 – Second FISHCON-Lock is in operation!

In July the construction of the second pilot plant at the Aschacharm could be finished. Meanwhile the fish lock is running since weeks without troubles. We look forward for the fish monitoring in autumn.

fish lock aschacharm
fish lock aschacharm

3.06.2019 – FISHCON wins the popular Edison price

FISHCON could win the popular Edison Gold price in the innovative-orientated category! We say thank you to the team of Edison for the great support, the valuable workshops and for the trust!

Thank you!

FISHCON gewinnt Edison Preis

02.06.2019 – First results of the fish-monitoring are encouraging!

The first fish-monitoring results from the pilot plant at the river Alm this spring are promising. It was possible the prove fish migration form all present fish types and the number of migrations is good as well! In the next days we start the construction of the second pilot plant in a Barbel region in order to examine the functionality in this fish region as well.

Fish 1 and 2 at the fish ladder
Fish 3 at the fish ladder
Fish 4 at the fish ladder

27.01.2019 – There is a lot to do! Pilot plant already installed!

The last two months were quite stressful but also successful for FISHCON! The first pilot plant was produced End of 2018 and installed (further information you can find under “development”). Now we have to wait for the fish migration in spring!


fish ladder / fish lock Alm

06.12.2018 - second rank at the i2b-Business plan competition

i2b Businessplan-Wettbewerb

FISHCON won at the i2b-Business plan competition the 2nd rank in the category “Service, Industry, Trade”. We would like to express our gratitude to the organisation

team, the experts and the sponsors for the helpful competition and the great feedback!

25.10.2018 - Lippenannerlwehr get’s FISHCON-Fishway

Great news from the weir “Lippenannerlwehr” at the river Alm in Upper Austria. The permission has been issued, the reconstruction of the weir started and soon our fishway will be integrated. Many thanks to the powerplant operator KPL for the great support and cooperation!


11.09.2018 – KFD as strong partner

Now it is official. The K.u.F. Drack GmbH & Co KG is participating at FISHCON. The company from the beautiful Almtal with over 100 years of experience can support FISHCON by developing our fish lock with their expertise in the fields of energy, electrotechnics, metal and wood. Especially the knowhow in hydraulic steelwork, their knowledge as an operator of 9 hydropower plants and electrical grid will be a great support. We look forward for a great collaboration!!!

Holz Elektro Metall Strom Wärme

01.09.2018 – FISHCON participates at the tech2b PRE-SCALE-UP program

With great pleasure we signed this week the contract for the PRE-SCALE-UP program from the Upper Austrian business incubator tech2b.

The program will support us with helpful workshops, coaches, a mentor and 5.000 €. We look forward for the cooperation!


28.07.2018 – FISHCON GmbH is founded!

Both founders Alkisti Stergiopoulou and Bernhard Mayrhofer signed today the articles of association of FISHCON GmbH. Soon another shareholder will come on board and the foundation process will be finished!

foundation FISHCON - fish lock

7.05.2018 – short update

We have a good feedback for our first pilot site and we are preparing a new research project in order to optimize, further develop and examine the 2-chamber-organismbypass under real conditions. At the moment, we are also extending the patent protection and we are negotiating with potential partner companies.

So, there is a lot to do and we look forward to build the first plant soon!

4.02.2018 – FSHCON is checking first possible sites for pilot pants

The interest is big! In the last weeks we could visit over 10 installation spots for pilot plants. Though not all sites are suitable for pilot plants, analyses show that the technology is almost always an advantageous solution in comparison to considered alternatives. Therefore we expect to find suitable sites in the next months and can build our first plants this year. By interest we can check your site too!

24.12.2017 – FISHCON wishes merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

We would like to express our gratitude to our families, friends, organizations and companies, which helped us actively this year. With your help we could achieve a lot! We plan to build next year the first pilot plants.  We hope again for your support. Thank you very much!!!



20.11.2017 – FISHCON is Greenstar 2017!

The FISHCON team won with the “2-Chamber-Organismbypass” at the greenstart competition, a start-up contest from the Austrian “Klima- und Energiefond”.

The program was organized by the incubator “der brutkasten”. With plenty of workshops and coaching, the entrepreneurial knowledge of the team got stronger. The numerous contacts and the price money were a great help in order to realize our idea. FISHCON is really grateful for the support!!!


And more – FISHCON won at the Science4Life Venture Cup the popular Energy Cup in the idea stage!

Greenstart Event
(C) Arpad Szamosi für den Klima- und Energiefonds
der brutkasten

20.10.2017 – FISHCON is looking for pilot plant sites!

The research project from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna is soon completed. Due to the promising results, it is planned to build the first two pilot plants in 2018. Therefore we are looking for installation sites, where the realization is simple and with low costs possible (heads I the beginning from 2 – 4 m).


FISHCON will support the realization! Use your chance!!!

06.10.2017 – Big interest at the “open house day”

Many representatives from hydropower companies and organizations were using their chance and visited the test facility of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass in Vienna. Thank you for your interest!



"open house day" 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

12.08.2017 – The fishes are hiking!

First test with fishes were realized. The results are great. At all testing conditions (50 to 120 l/s with throttle and turbine) fish migrations in both directions could be documented.

2-Chamber-Organismbypass test with first fishes
2-Chamber-Organismbypass test with first fishes

07.07.2017 - Test plant is finished!

FISHCON fish ladder test plant
FISHCON fish ladder test plant 2

01.04.2017 – Research project at the BOKU starts

Today the research project from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna starts. This will evaluate the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass functionality until December 2017 for the first time.

12.11.2016 – First tests in small scale are successful ;-)

The fishes in our aquarium are impressed form their new “toy”. Already during the first day they were swimming up and down. They looked happy!

2-Chamber-Organismbypass model
2-Chamber-Organismbypass model

27.06.2016 – Patent is granted!

Great news from the Austrian patent office – the patent is granted! We will use the priority and file for the European Patent.