Technology - Advantages

FISHCON, 2-Chamber-Organismbypass, fish lock

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a new technology for restoring the water continuum in a gentle and simply way. The considered organism bypass is a fish lock, with an innovative hydraulic connection. Due to this connection it is possible to use the leading water flow for generating electrical energy with low additional costs.


+ Gentle migration +

The fish lock enables a gentle migration in both directions and it is also suitable for weak swimmers. The turbine or throttle and the coarse chamber floors enable optimal flow velocities in the chambers.



+ Economic efficiency +

Due to the low investment costs and revenues from the provided energy the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a inexpensive solution to restore the river continuity. An amortization of the investment costs is possible.


+ Small space requirement +

Due to the compact design of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass a usage in locations with less space is possible. Due to the different integration options an optimal arrangement in order to find the entrances is possible.

+ Simple installation +

The fish lock can be delivered prefabricated so that a fast and simple installation is possible. The simple and closed construction allows a reliable operation. The System can be flushed without additional components and the fine screens are automatically cleaned. Furthermore the fish lock is tolerant towards intense water level changes. 



+ energy provision +

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass can provide energy with high efficiency, low costs and no CO2 emissions. The small space and material requirements reduce the impact in the environment and the closed design prevents sound emissions.


+ Additional functions +

The fish lock can be additionally used for flushing and sediment transport. By opening all the gates small floods can run through the system if desired (can be important, if the 2-Chamber-Organismypass is used as a single power plant).