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FISHCON, 2-Chamber-Organismbypass, fish lock

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a new technology for restoring the water continuum in a gentle and simply way. The considered organism bypass is a fish lock, with an innovative hydraulic connection. Due to this connection it is possible to use the leading water flow for generating electrical energy with low additional costs.


The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is based on the idea of having two parallel chambers. Each chamber has a sluice gate to the upstream and a second one to the downstream water. These two chambers are connected by a pipe which has a turbine or throttle. Two fine screens in front of the channel-entrances prevent the fishes from entering the connection pipe. These fine screens are cleaned automatically because of the periodical chances of the water direction. A coarse surface of the chamber floor reduces the flow velocity near the ground, so that weak swimmers can easily migrate upstream.


Aufbau der 2-Kammern-Organismenwanderhilfe

Pictures from Components and installation