Technology - field of application

FISHCON, 2-Chamber-Organismbypass, fish lock

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a new technology for restoring the water continuum in a gentle and simply way. The considered organism bypass is a fish lock, with an innovative hydraulic connection. Due to this connection it is possible to use the leading water flow for generating electrical energy with low additional costs.

Field of Application

With the standard versions multiple locations can be covered. It is planned to realize four different chamber sizes which can be economical used for heads from 1.5 m.  In case of small flow rates, small heads or if there is no need of energy provision the turbine can be replaced by a throttle. For very high flow rates or heads the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass should be planned individually to ensure optimal functionality. At heads over 8 m it is possible to place more 2-Chamber-Organismbypasses in a row or in combination with conventional fish ladders. Also a Lift-Design of the fish lock is possible.

field of application 2-Chamber-Organismbypass