Technology - Function

FISCHCON, 2-Kammern-Organismenwanderhilfe, Fischschleuse

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a new technology for restoring the water continuum in a gentle and simply way. The considered organism bypass is a fish lock, with an innovative hydraulic connection. Due to this connection it is possible to use the leading water flow for generating electrical energy with low additional costs.


The gates of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass are controlled in such way, that one chamber is open to the upstream and the other chamber to the downstream water. Therefore the organisms can have access from both sides anytime. After a defined time interval, all four gates change their position so that the chamber which was open to the upstream before is now open to the downstream water and the second chamber to the upstream water. Organisms, which entered the chambers, can migrate in this way up- and downstream. To lead the organisms in the chambers, a leading flow is necessary. This water flow enters the system from the upstream, runs through the connection pipe from one to the other chamber and leaves the system into the downstream water. In the connection pipe a turbine can be placed to provide electrical energy and reduce the flow rate, so that optimal flow velocities for the organism migration can be achieved.

Swim in phase

Einschwimmphase 2-Kammern-Organismenwanderhilfe

Fishes can swim in

Change-over  phase

Umschaltphase 2-Kammern-Organismenwanderhilfe

Sluice gates change their positions

Swimm out phase

Ausschwimmphase 2-Kammern-Organismenwanderhilfe

Fishes can swim out and others in