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FISHCON, 2-Chamber-Organismbypass, fish lock

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass is a new technology for restoring the water continuum in a gentle and simply way. The considered organism bypass is a fish lock, with an innovative hydraulic connection. Due to this connection it is possible to use the leading water flow for generating electrical energy with low additional costs.


Further variations of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass are considered, as shown below.

Fish-lock designs

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass can be manufactured from different materials. For the standard version steel pipes are used. For big or individual produced plants the use of concrete can be advantageous. Next to the inclined fish-lock variation the innovative hydraulic connection can also be used for fish lift systems, in order to overcome high heads in small areas. For this variation moving baskets are additionally necessary.


Inclined pipe implementation

Inclined pipe implementation of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

Inclined concrete implementation

Inclined concrete implementation of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

Vertical pipe implementation

Vertical pipe implementation of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

Vertical concrete implementation

Vertical concrete implementation of the 2-Chamber-Organismbypass

Sluice gate design

Usually four vertical sluice gates are used. In order to reduce the costs and protect the sluice gates from icing it is considered to use two horizontal slice gates instead.

Four vertical sluice gates

2-Chamber-Organismbypass with vertical gates

Two horizontal gates

2-Chamber-Organismbypass with horizontal gates

Design with turbine or throttle

The 2-Chamber-Organismbypass can use the leading flow to provide elecrtical energy with low additional costs. For sites with low head, small flow rates or no need of energy provision, the turbine can be replaced by a throttle. First tests with very small leading flows show, that a fish migration is also possible.


2-Chamber-Organismbypass with turbine


2-Chamber-Organismbypass with throttle

Hydraulic connection

Also further hydraulic connections are considered, for example to enable a flow through the turbine in just one direction.


2-Chamber-Organismbypass standard-connection


+ no additional sluice gates or valves

+ cleaning effect due to the change of the water direction




2-Chamber-Organismbypass extended-connection


+ one flow direction at the turbine (higher efficiency)

+ no reverse of the generator polarity is necessary